Lexicontext: Offline Dictionary Library for iOS Apps

About Lexicontext

Some time ago, when I built my first iPhone app (WordGlide), I needed a dictionary. I didn't want the app to require a network connection and I wanted the lookup of word definitions to be very quick. Unfortunately, the iOS SDK did not provide access to the built-in English dictionary.

I first learned about WordNet many years ago, when I had to build a simple search-engine and I decided to use it again for WordGlide. Unfortunately, WordNet doesn't come with a convenient API for iOS, so I had to adapt it for the iPhone and wrap it up as a static library.

Then the iPad came out. It's a great reading device but it's frustrating that many of the great apps that I like don't come with a built-in dictionary which makes the reading experience sub-optimal to say the least. I believe that many apps would be more fun to use if they came with a dictionary bundled inside.

So I improved the library's interface, added the required documentation and here it is. I hope you'll find it useful.

- Ori


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