Lexicontext: Offline Dictionary Library for iOS Apps


Lexicontext's pricing is simple: pay a one-time-fee of $20 and use it to build as many applications as you want.

Lexicontext's price is independent from the number of copies you sell of your own applications. We hope that you'll sell more copies because of Lexicontext, but we don't think we should get paid for that beyond the one-time payment of $20 :)

Once you buy the library, you will be also be entitled to future maintenance releases and library upgrades.

Please note that this is a binary-license (i.e. the library's source files are not included in the package). If you're interested in a source-code license, please send an email to: ori@lexicontext.com Our terms of service can be found here.


Unlimited Binary License of Lexicontext for $20