Lexicontext: Offline Dictionary Library for iOS Apps

Adding Lexicontext to your XCode Project

  1. Download Lexicontext
    First you need to download the library. You can download our trial version, or your can buy Lexicontext by clicking the "Buy" button on the right.

  2. Extract
    Extract the downloaded Lexicontext zip file on your Mac.

  3. Add files to your project
    Open your app's XCode project and from the menu select File->Add File to "My App" (or press the ⌥+⌘+A key combination), in the dialog that opens, browse to the folder where you extracted the Lexicontext zip file, select the files Lexicontext.h, libLexicontext.a and LexicontextAssets.bundle and click the "Add" button. The files will be copied into your XCode's project and should show up in your project's tree.

  4. Verify XCode's Automatic Library Import
    Open your app's project page (the top node in the project tree), select your app from the Targets list, and open the "Build Phases" page for your target. Make sure that libLexicontext.a was added to the "Link With Libraries" group and that LexicontextAssets.bundle was added to the "Copy Bundle Resources" group.

Note: Lexicontext is compatible with iOS 7 and higher.


Unlimited Binary License of Lexicontext for $20