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  • Ledderz All the letter tiles from your other word games are bored, so they're diving into Ledderz for some fast paced action! The object of Ledderz is to spell as many words as you can. All valid words count, but try for the target word to score big points!

  • Wordz! is a fun and easy game that lets you test your spelling ability by spelling words from letters that are falling down the screen. To play, pick your difficulty level, set your starting number of letters, and then spell words as quickly as you can using the letters that fall down the screen.
  • Game of Words Over 900 anagrams to solve from different topics. Challenge yourself to complete them all. A great selection of anagrams to solve, more added throughout the year. Unsure of the meaning of a word, check its definition in the 'Define' section. View game stats. Game Center enabled, can you earn all of the achievements? A brilliant and addictive game.
  • LetterSnatch! The gmae taht mkeas you smrater as you paly it! Fun and classic word & jumbles gameplay with a Friendly Twist. Definitions for all words & custom friends-only-leaderboards! Your favorite word games have been combined into LetterSnatch! Quick gameplay, multiplayer, friend challenges, definitions and no waiting for turns!
  • Spellz is a fast and fun word game where you tap letters to spell specific words. But, the letters for the word are falling down the screen, and the longer they fall, the faster they go. And, there are a LOT of letters to choose from. If you tap the letters in the right order, you'll move on to the next word. Misspell three words, and the game is over.
  • Word Pro is all your need to improve and grow your vocabulary. This free App provides you all the following features: New words everyday, practice test for the word you learned, offline dictionary and reminders. You are a single click away from entering the world of words. Let Word Pro empower your words.
  • Words - A game about letters Words is a new word game that lets you play with your friends, alone or against an AI opponent..

  • Anagram Unscrambler Have you ever gotten stuck while playing Scrabble, Letterpress, 4 Pics 1 Word, or other such word games? Well, Anagram Unscrambler is here to help you solve any letter-jumbling mysteries! Anagram Unscrambler is very easy to use and features partial anagrams, multi-word... words, no length restrictions and much more!
  • WordShoot is a fun action game that challenges your ability to spell on the fly. It's the combination of a classic puzzle game with fun, explosive feedback.
    Tap the letters to shoot and explode tiles. Spell three and four letter words to gain points and beat your high score!
  • Tumblewords is an original blend of traditional word games and strategic puzzle games with a unique visual component involving some of our favorite artists. Tumblewords is perfect for strategic competitive play with friends or unwinding by yourself. Game features board "tumbling" mechanics, Power-Ups that help create high-scoring words and beautiful art.
  • OCTO Drop is a word-creation game with very simple instructions. 1) Tap to place each falling letter into one of 14 octagons, which are divided into two columns. 2) Make three- to seven-letter words. 3) Score points based on the length of the word, the value of the letters in the word, and emptying one or both of the columns.
  • Scramble Your Friends Like playing challenging word games? Scramble Your Friends is a turn based app that lets you challenge your friends to a new kind of word game! Dominate your friends by creating killer words while exercising your brain! No login required, random play, optional Facebook integration and more.
  • WordJam WordJam challenges you to create the most two, three, four and five letters words possible in the intersecting square of five row and five columns (twenty-five spaces); the skill being able to create these words with randomly generated letters. Infinite playability as the game is designed to never be the same twice!
  • Test Your English Vocabulary is all about words, but knowing only more words doesn't mean that you have a good vocabulary. This app teaches you many words and their different meanings with explanations. It helps you become a good writer or speaker by improving your writing as well as communication skill.
  • Word Waggle is the word game for enthusiasts who love to challenge their mind. Slide your finger across the 4x4 grid to form words with neighboring letters. Score as many points as possible in the allotted time period by choosing from a 1, 2, or 3 minute game. Scoring is determined by the number of words found, word length, and scoring style.
  • A Few Words is a word game challenging you to create as many four, five and six letter words as you can before you run out of letters. When a letter is no longer available it will be removed from the keyboard. Scoring is based on the length of the word so a six letter word is worth more than two words with four letters.
  • Starts With Ends With is a fast and addicting word game where size matters! Come up with the longest word using the starting and ending letters that you are provided. Bonus points for speed, bonus multiplier for your longest word, global Leaderboads using Game Center, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr integration for bragging to friends and more!
  • Wordglide makes learning new English words a breeze. Got some time to kill? Fire up WordGlide and watch English words drift by. Occasionally, a word will pause and display its definition. Seen an interesting word? Tap it and its definition will pop up. Audio pronunciation, favorite word, drill into unfamiliar words and much more.

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